• Recruiting competent and talented JC employees!
    Those who want to create a successful future with JumpingClay Group are welcome to apply for the position.
  • New JumpingClay
    Basic Text Book
    The Basic Text Book has been upgraded.
    Educational settings, at home, anywhere!
    Now your JumpingClay modeling worries are over!
  • JumpingClay launches brand new items!
    New Savanna Series Set and Christmas Series Set.
    Will be available soon! Browse at your nearest store!!
  • New Franchises!: S. India, Belarus, Austria & Germany
    JumpingClay has continued to expand new franchisees all around the world.
    We aim you to join our global network family today!
  • New JumpingClay Program:
    Learning with JC 2
    Entertaining and educational programs for the elementary schools developed by JumpingClay Institute of Art.
  • New JumpingCity
    Series Set
    4 kinds assorted.
    Build your own city
    Browse at your nearest store!!

Our Franchise Proposal: ACADEMY STORES

JumpingClay Group offers you the possibility to join Its GLOBAL NETWORK FAMILY: The main offices are in Korea, Spain and Serbia with several factories but we count on over 660 franchises and have presence in more than 43 countries since we started franchising on 2003.

The secret to this incredible growth is due to our very different idea of doing business, our educational philosophy and our professionalism.

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