Jumpingclay offers you the possibility to become a franchisee as a Super Master Franchisee, Master Franchisee, Store franchisee or even Instructor.
Is the highest level of franchisee: You will be responsible for the success of Jumpingclay in your country. You will keep direct communication with JumpingClay headquarters, develop marketing strategies, promotional business for Jumpingclay and co-ordinate Master Franchises, Store Franchises and Instructors all around your territory.
You will gain income developing JumpingClay business in the country through Master Franchises, Store franchises directly and instructors.
SMF owns also its proper Store Franchise to test the market demand.
Is responsible for an area inside the country. It follows SMF policy, co-ordinates and supports Store franchises or Instructors in the area.
MF responsability is linked closer to the market of the region and its Store Franchises JumpinClay’s franchisees in the region.
Master Fanchises will gain income developing JumpingClay business in the region through Store Franchises, instructors and its proper Store franchises.
A. Categorization Member Region
B. Examples of local partitioning 
Responsibility of SMF manages full country of Franchises.
Jumping Clay Store Franchise (SF) requires a very low investment and brings to our members a stable income.
As a Jumping Clay member, you will work on workshops in your academy, schools, children gardens, hospitals, care homes, shopping centers … and you will have the exclusivity for your designated area to distribute any JumpingClay product you want.
To grant you success we will support you at the beginning and show you the marketing tools as well as clay modeling training.
You will be guided and kept constantly updated by our Master franchise in your area.
Why to join JumpingClay:
    Low initial investment
    You will recoup your money quickly: 2 years aprox.
    Easy management: Constant support from JumpingClay
    Local small / low rent: Room area: 25m2 - 40m2 (Suitable location: street level, near schools, playgrounds, kindergartens, hospitals, cares homes, etc.)
    Experience not necessary: Education or Marketing studies are helpful.
    Continuous training program.
    Continuous Support: marketing plan, advertising design, manual interior and exterior decoration, web and shop online.
    Target audience board: it covers teaching children, adults and almost the whole community.
    Ideal for Self-Employment.
    Bet on artistic and educational activities: Very respected.
    The crisis is affecting the children sector less than in others.
Join JumpinClay as an instructor: You will have a perfect training so as to create and teach with Jumping Clay.
You will have your own exclusive area and will be able to develop your artistic and educational activity on your own.
You will offer your workshops, teach classes at schools and nurseries, help elderly people with Clay therapy programs, etc.