JumpingClay Group understands its business as a Professional Education Philosophy.

We are the original creators and pioneers of this concept, where other can only attempt to copy us.

We aim to be a Global Education franchise, as well as being product distributors, specialized in unique and different clay and craft packs.

Art is taught to children all over the world. 

However, despite its educational value, three-dimensional and formative art has been relatively limited due to the difficulty of making projects and the involved cleanup afterwards.

JumpingClay has now provided solutions to these difficulties with qualities such as convenience of use, variety of colors, cleanliness and safety.




It is now gaining wide approval in the Art Education market throughout the world and appreciation of its qualities are rapidly being recognized on a global basis.

With its wide range of products, JumpingClay is also recognized as a toy within the hobby industry.

JumpingClay Institute of Arts provides educational programs under the motto "learn through play” for children, families and communities.

Recognized and appreciated globally, JumpingClay will constantly seek to expand its area of application.

From the creators of superior, lightweight, and the safest clay in the world.

Create a satisfying and happy life culture for children and adults facilitated by an Edu-Culture company !! JumpingClay!