Jumping Clay is a unique, jasmine-scented polymer clay composed of non-toxic water dissolving fillers which mixes easily into any color.
It can be used to create any model or character, pictures, fridge magnets, decorations, key chains, even an imprint of anew baby’s hand or foot. And unlike traditional clays, there is no need to bake as the product dries naturally in the air.
It is mess-free, and when rolled into a ball it bounces.
It has passed food safety regulations, it is harmless if accidently ingested even for children under 3 years (the only one that´s passed the European SGS test for that age range).
The perfect creative resource, for anyone, of any learning ability from an early age.
JumpingClay offers:
- The products in various formats.
- Educational toys and resources.
- Its exclusive rights to develop JumpingClay workshops and educational activities.



Activities such as drawing are the most integrated activity of art education which helps develop artistic talent and improves creativity.
However every parent and educator is aware of the fact that a creative three-dimensional activity boosts children’s creative and imaginative development.
Although we live in a three dimensional world this type of education is avoided. The three main reasons for this are:
- The difficulty in preparation
- The complicated process
- The messy clean-up
JumpingClay has overcome the difficulties with three-dimensional figurative education.
Creating an opportunity for creative arts that is more extensive than drawing alone. With a new concept of colorful clay developed to stimulate more effectively the five senses.