• New Basic Text Book


Educational settings, at home, anywhere!

Now your JumpingClay modeling worries are over!

The Basic Text Book has been upgraded.

  • It has doubled in size.
  • More new and improved contents.
  • More detailed modeling instructions.
  • Use peripheral materials easily available in you immediate surroundings.


The Educational Kit and Total Gift Set with the new Basic Text Book has more educational value than ever before.

Teachers can sustain long term clay modeling lessons with students using the Basic Text Book. There are even Halloween and Christmas seasonal items that can be made during the lessons.
The Educational Kits can be implemented to promote regular and extra-curricular classes in Elementary and Jr. High schools.
Superior quality, convenience, safety and now contents that can be used during classes, the Educational Kit is the complete package.



No more JumpingClay modeling worries at home!!

Children can make the items in the Basic Text Book with their parents using everyday materials that are readily available in their immediate surroundings.
Young children and even teens will enjoy making pencil toppers, accessories, decorations and other practical items.


 CONTENTS: 3 diferents levels.

  •  Level 1: 

               Ball ….. Jumping Monster: Green monster - Yellow monster - Red monster

               Pencil topper ….. poo: MINT poo - PINK poo

  • Level 2: 

               Diorama ….. Animal Farm: Farm - Dairy Cow - Goat - Rabbit

  • Level 3: 

               Finger Puppets ….. Save the Princess!: Castle - Evil Dragon - Timid Dragon - Knight - Princess


  • Use of Sub-Materials: 

               Key Chain: Pig - Penguin - Dracula Frog - Pirate Frog

               Pencil Holder: Larva - Big Mouth Monster

               Halloween Candy Bag: Frankenstein - Witch

               Christmas Ornament: Santa - Rudolf - Snowman



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