• New Savanna Series Set
  • New Christmas Series Set
  • New Farmyard Series Set


Savanna Series Set 

We are happy to announce a brand new series, added new series in Jumpingclay DIY line! - The Savanna series. 
There are 6 animals to choose from! Giraffe, Lion, Zebra, Cheetah, Elephant and Rhinoceros are our new Jumpingclay animal kingdom. Each set includes a fun background, collect all 6 different sets and combine them to a complete JC animal kingdom!

Christmas Series Set

A special gift for a special holiday such as Christmas! 

Jumpingclay has developed perfect seasonal item for perfect holiday and for your family.
•    When we think of Christmas, we think of children making ornaments that can be hung on trees or displayed on a table. The new Christmas items can also be used as a toy. Each set contains
a paper kit that is used for the body, so it is easy to make and they are adorable.
•    Set 1 – Guardian Angel Trio
Each of the Guardian Angels send a special message of good will.
•    Set 2 – Santa and Friends
This set consists of the all-time favorites: Santa, Rudolph and
a Snowman. It also has a bonus Penguin character that all children love.


WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON! Browse at your nearest store!!