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This program allows for students to learn educational material while creating with JumpingClay. Divided into two levels, Pre-school and Primary, each lesson is focused on a subject and a project is completed.


What is LWJC?

Learning with JumpingClay is a JC Educational Program and is called LWJC for short. The objective of the program is “Learn through Play” so children can acquire educational theories in a fun and interesting format. This program is divided into two levels with the same educational content. Pre-School age 5~7 and Primary age 8~10.


Main Educational Topics

LWJC deals with the three main fields listed below.
•    Nature and Science : The Earth, Space, Nature and Scientific Phenomena.
•    Culture and Society : Various Cultures in our Society.
•    Arts and Crafts : Art Basics and Works of Art.


LWJC 2 Contents

If in LWJC 1 we work on subjects: Feeding / Toys / Colors and Shapes, in this new volume LWJC 2 the main contents will working about: Environment / Fairy Tales / Painters.

WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON! You realy must see it!!