If you join JumpingClay Group you will have the chance to be part of our store franchise activity. A franchise store has much to offer. our franchisees have not only the exclusivity for the Jumpingclay selling in its variety of colors and formats, but also its range of educational resources, toys, materials, accesories and artworks.

Jumping Clay prides itself on producing fun educational products.
Teaming up with the Jumping Clay Institute of Art (JIA) consisting of leading experts from various fields they continue to strive in the forefront of educational arts and crafts developments and therapies. Providing specially designed "learn through play" programs and courses.
That´s why our franchises are, not only stores but ACADEMY STORES.



JumpingClay Set Items

You will be able to offer the product in different kinds of sets sizes, with refills, tools, guide booklets, and accessories (magnets, spring, key holder, brooch, phone strap, pins...) to meet any customer demand.

Refill Items

Only what you need or want. To create projects using your own imagination. You can experience all of the various clays that we offer in any of your projets. Make a unique project with temperature sensitive ChameleonClay, sparkling GlitterClay, StoneClay and texturized JumpingBubbles.

DIY (do it yourself) Items

Our Do It Yourself series offer the possibility for children to make their own toys and Learn through play.

Learning Books

With the guides and Learning Books, people from all ages can immerse themselves in the JumpingClay experience, taking the first steps on their own, kids will also have the chance to apply 2D jumpingclay skills and learn about the world around them.


Our franchisees receive the necessary training to deliver a variety of courses and workshops, or develop their own products to sell. There are many possibilities of business. Our franchisees never stop surprising us with the ideas they generate.

Internal classes

You can run lessons in your own academy, teaching how to make 3D ArtWorks, interior props, seasonal props, accessories, etc. Or give regular classes to long term pupils. You can teach to all ages from children to adults.
You can give parties for any kind of celebration, combining JumpingClay with a game, and choose a theme depending on the situation.
You can also train future JumpingClay professional to work with you!

External classes

You can also offer JumpingClay workshops to educational facilities of all levels.
-  Schools > extracurricular activities, or work toguether the teacher in a class.
-  University > you can suggest a lecture for colleges connected to art education for children.
-  Cultural centers and museums > can teach any topic with JumpingClay adapted activities.
-  Special care centers (rehabilitation centers, medical centers, hospitals) > with the therapy program to help and encourage those individuals who to gain confidence and improve their mental alertness.

Other activities 

JumpingClay is very versatile, it has been appreciated in great variety of application fields.
Sell your own creations! You can make a whole world of JumpingClay Artworks.


Our step by step programs gives the necessary skills and resources to teach in workshops and courses.
Our programs are developed and certified by JIA.


Certificate of Qualification Program

Certified courses for our team of trainers, if you open a store franchise you will become a JumpingClay Instructor:

    Professional Instructor Course: This is the top level Instructor’s Course and it involves a vigorous, intensive course, more advanced than the Instructor Course.

    Instructor Course: Prerequisite to work as a JC Instructor. After completion, you will be able to instruct the various JumpingClay Programs to others.

    Pre-Instructor Course: Learn the basic shapes/skills/ tools with this course. After completion, you can instruct students that are 6~12 years of age.


Regular Programs

•    Playing with JumpingClay: Basic program for preschoolers. Learn the basic color mixing and simple shapes. Focused on creativity.

•    Children's Program: Structured so that children can learn while having fun creating. Naturally gain the skills to create works and at the same time understand the characteristics of JumpingClay.

•    Learning with JumpingClay: This program allows for students to learn educational material and principles while creating formative arts with JumpingClay. Divided into two levels, Pre-school and Primary.



Special Programs

Based on a series of figures gradually challenging, focused on giving the necessary skills to our franchisees to deliver workshops to a wide audience:

•    Party Program: A JumpingClay program that incorporates both games and creating opportunities that can be added to any party.

•    Magic Program: Make magic props with JumpingClay. A great attention grabber to kick off any event or lesson. Fun for all ages, young and old. Children can make the props and perform magic tricks for all to see.

    Jumping Cake & Muffins: With JumpingClay Cakes & Muffins program you can reminisce all of the good times and anniversaries that you have had. Using tools and molds, the program is easy to learn.


•    Jumping Bubbles: A completely different texture than the original JumpingClay. Make and create unique projects with JumpingClayBubbles.

•    World People 10: A highly advanced program for full member Professional Instructors. Structured to enhance your skills. Based on the different ethnic groups around the world.

•   Clay Therapy: Clay Therapy uses clay as its central medium. It stimulates all the senses of the body, and helps release inner emotions to achieve peace of mind and body.



    Jumping Books: "JumpingBooks" was designed so that students can experience making their own books, learn the subjects handled in the books, and design and decorate with JumpingClay.

    Jumping Science: While conducting experiments with the kits, they will naturally understand the principles of the scientific concepts.

    Jumping English: JumpingEnglish uses association educational methods through making and coloring to teach English and simple shapes. The first of a series in progress starts with the alphabet and simple vocabulary.



Sub Programs

•    Event Program: These programs can be utilized for demonstration events and exhibitions. The appropriate project should be chosen according to completion time and number of participants.

•    Season Program: Tailor-made seasonal program for special days and holidays such as Halloween, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc...




•    Hobby Class: A program for people who want to learn JumpingClay as a hobby. Each class will be age specific and the lessons will be planned accordingly.

•    Supplementary Program: This program can be applied as needed by individual instructors. For example, this program can be inserted to supplement Pre-school Program to maintain children´s interest in JumpingClay.