Jumping Clay is an EDUCATIONAL FRANCHISE that offers a window into the magical world of 3D learning, providing a new and exciting way for everybody under the concept of Learn Through Play.
We achieve this through the use of a revolutionary polymer clay along with specially designed educational programs.
If you join JumpingClay Group you will initiate a different concept of business by opening your own JUMPING CLAY ACADEMY STORE.
Apart from marketing JumpingClay products, you will learn how to develop fun, beneficial courses and programs in your own academy.
You will also be able to offer workshops and activities for other cultural centers and social institutions.
JUMPINGCLAY INSTITUTE OF ART constantly developing the educational resources and give you the best support.
We use the clay as an educational tool. We promote culture and education with ongoing therapies and programs in hospitals, special schools, colleges, festivals …
You´ll have an advisory group composed of leading experts, all of whom have extensive experience in the world of education.
Jumping Clay makes the best programs with the best partners!
It has an exclusive system of Professional Instructors that will train you as a JumpingClay Instructor certified by JumpingClay Institute of Art.