Modelling is stimulating and fun for a child. Children are always looking for a new experience of the world around them.
What may seem like just a game, is their way of enhancing their abilities and developing their personality.
While Jumping Clay is fantastic to take home and sink into by yourself it offers much more in its Learn Through Play workshops, courses and parties.
It is the perfect medium for 3D-learning which is normally so hard to achieve. Offering children a fun, safe and easy way to tackle creative challenges; expanding their imaginations while learning simple concepts.
JumpingClay stimulates the senses with its smooth feel, its pleasant smell and its bright colours providing a full experience of modelling. You don´t need to worry about your “child´s need of discovery” our clay is completely harmless if swallowed.
The clay is 100% safe and incorporates silver-nano technology to prevent the spread of germs.
In a world fillled with technology it is a refreshing and, at the same time, contemporary alternative to boost a child’s creative thinking.
Some of the proven benefits of Learn Through Play with Jumping Clay
   Relaxation > Using a soft pleasant material creating a better emotional state
    Creativity > Enhance creativity through self thinking and applying
    Intelligence > Develop the ability of spatial recognition
    Concentration > Reenforce the capability of observation and concentration
    Artistic sense > Increase artistic talent recreating your own perceptions
    Self-confidence > Stimulate motivation helping to feel self-actualised
    New way of thinking > A different way of observing based on your own perception
Jumping Clay also offers a chance to rehabilitation; to help and encourage those individuals whit physical and mental disabilities gain confidence and improve their muscle development. This method of rehabilitation can help people get back on their feet, for example, stroke victims and patients recovering from serious head injuries can re-gain their fine motor skills.
This is an experience that educates, rehabilitates and entertains; our “creative vision to give back to tomorrow”.
“JC” time is the most creative and exciting time.